Fuck ticketoffices.com

*Warning- If you are sensitive to “foul language” you should not read any of my work*


Fuck ticketoffices.com.

Ticketoffices.com is a resale site that perpetuates itself as the venue of the event that one is planning to attend.  Ticketoffices.com puts their “purchase ticket” box on the venue’s website so the person is led to believe that they are purchasing the tickets directly from the venue, only to be redirected to ticketoffices.com.

Ticketoffices.com outrageously overcharges the patron and tries to ruin said special evening because the person who buys the ticket from ticketoffices.com may not discover that they bought the ticket from a reseller and that they were overcharged until their arrival at the event. 

Now ticket resellers or scalpers have been around forever, and ticketoffices.com is not the only company currently doing this to people, but ticketoffices.com did it to me so fuck ticketoffices.com.

Once again, I need to apologize to ticketweb, you guys are cool.

Ticketoffices.com has a 1/10 rating on resellerratings.com, with 24 reviewers, all giving the site 1 star. Almost every person has had a similar experience and it is truly unfortunate that this kind of business is allowed to exist.

If unsatisfied customers contact ticketoffices.com to complain about the price gouge, they are given the runaround and eventually offered $30 off their next ticket purchase with ticketoffices.com. This gesture is just another slap in the face to the consumer because one cannot buy anything with $30 on ticketoffice.com, so the “management” at ticketoffice.com is basically saying, “we understand that we raped you the first time around, here, let us do it again.”

Fuck ticketoffice.com.

The repetition of ticketoffice.com is intentional in this article, because the way the internet works is that the more often a phrase is repeated, the higher the article moves up on search engine results. The goal is that anyone who is thinking of buying from ticketoffices.com, will not. Anyone working for ticketoffice.com, may realize the insane amount of bad karma they are accruing through their choice of employment and may rethink their life choices. Or if one simply despises ticketoffices.com, they may come across this article and find some solace in the fact that they are not alone in their feelings, and plenty more people feel the same way, which is fuck ticketoffices.com.

After establishing and understanding that you have been screwed by ticketoffices.com, the best plan of action is to push through the pain and not to allow the evil of ticketoffices.com to ruin the night. Buy a couple drinks, hop over the rail to get into the pit, dance your ass off, and have amazing sex with at least a couple different people. The money is gone, but the night is still yours, and the people that are stuck in their little cubicles at ticketoffices.com sure as hell are not having the hedonistic fun you are, and that is the best redemption.  

Fuck ticketoffices.com.  

Photo Credit: Jonchihuahua  Boxofficetickets sucks too.




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  1. I bought 3 $26 tickets for a Miami Marlins game from Ticketoffices.com by calling their number shown online 844-767-3644. The respresentative said they charge a $7 service fee per ticket and a one-time $14.95 deliver fee to have them emailed, for a total of $113.95. Ticketoffices billed my credit card over $256. Their confirmation email does show the order details or amount and when you call their customer service number or email them, nobody replies.

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