Rethinking Violence and Guns

These are some thoughts I have regarding gun related violence.  I think that gun violence is a misnomer.  I have no problem with a person owning a gun.  I believe that the second amendment allows a person to own a gun to protect his or her self in one’s home. However,  the sale of  AK-47 style fire arms should not be allowed for local citizens because guns do not have a life of their own. Guns require a human element in order to produce violence. Violence is a human factor, as basic as this sounds.

Violence is in the fabric of every human being. The reason we are experiencing so much violence in our nation is not because of guns in and of themselves, it is because, we have as a people, become irresponsible and desensitized to the dangerous nature of how people are behaving and the misuse of firearms within our cities. We must engage a more proactive attitude that employs our laws to be more rigid regarding the acquisition and sale of guns.  AK-47 style fire arms present a danger within our communities. These weapons may be used by military or police, but we do not need to have them in our communities. Magazine rounds are already limited in most guns to 10, perhaps it is necessary to reduce that number to five rounds.

It is important that we start taking steps towards seeking solutions and not focusing on problems. Focusing on the problems creates divisiveness within our communities and our nation. We must never take the deaths caused by fire arms lightly, as any loss of life is a tragedy. It is my hope that we would be more vigilant, and seek to protect the people of our communities by staying alert. If you see something say something, and report it. It’s easy to dismiss something when you’re not sure, and it is probably better just to err on the side of caution and report what you saw.

We all have to do our part. We must learn to be responsible, and respect the laws that govern us, and seek to do good within our communities, love mercy, to live justly and to walk humbly.

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