The Road You Didn’t Take


As I organize my work space after another day in which time seemingly moves without ever having existed,

I mentally reflect, in synchronized harmony to the acoustical guitar streaming from my google play account.

I love working with archival media.

Yes, like any job there are downsides.

Like office politics.

However as I work in a closed lab, I seldomly see this side of my job.

Mostly my days are filled with a kind of nostalgic peepshow, in which glances of history are displayed to me while in the comfort of an ergonomically correct desk chair.

It’s not lost on me that much like the acoustical guitar music,

My work is going to have an unavoidable end.

Unlike the music, I don’t have the ability to read my life’s playlist.

My film viewer, tape decks, fully loaded computers, all my equipment can be hauled off at a moment’s notice.

And I, back to sending out resumes in bulk.

Though I suppose this can be said about any profession.  

If I had just one wish, I’d wish that my attempt at photojournalism would have proven fruitful.

I would have picked up stronger multimedia skills and found myself work in a creative think tank and media group.

Then again, What if I did get that wish?

Would I still have a love waiting for me at home?

Would I have time to enjoy a glass of iced tea, or a fresh homemade meal?

That’s the tragedy in decision making.

You’ll never really know the results of the road you didn’t take.


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