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Holiday Gift Ideas on a Budget

by Natashia Nunez.

The holidays are here folks and it’s happening in a big way (anyone notice all the Christmas decorations that went up immediately following Halloween?) It’s unclear whether people are excited to get to the holidays or just want to get them over with! Either way gift giving doesn’t have to break your spirit….or your wallet.

Mark your calendars, get set, go!

Lynette Khalfani-Cox a.k.a The Money Coach suggests using a calendar to help with budgeting, by marking your payday on the calendar so gifts or food shopping is on your radar. Then purchase one or two items per week so you aren’t overwhelmed with a big shopping list closer to the holiday and you don’t have to spend a big chunk of your paycheck all at once.

Save a bundle

Costco has wonderful gift baskets during the holidays. You could buy a couple baskets to create multiple smaller gifts. Bonus points for for homemade mini baskets!

The gift that keeps on giving

Consider a subscription box. There are lots of great ones on the market. You can head over to Cratejoy to see a variety of genres and prices. Signing up for a 3-month subscription will cost you anywhere between $30 – $150 and your special person gets presents months after the holidays yay!

Give them the ride of their life

Consider gifting rideshare credits. More and more people are using ride hailing apps to get around, especially during those times where we all want to get a little tipsy. Uber and MADD (Mothers Against Drunk Driving) are joining forces this Thanksgiving to offer free rides in a campaign to prevent drunk driving. You can continue to keep your friends safe in the future by gifting them credit. You can purchase straight from the app or go online.

Who’s on your nice list?

For a more traditional way to save on gift giving don’t forget the Secret Santa/White Elephant concept. Many families are using this idea, and everybody seems to be happy with the results. It allows you to buy one really nice gift and get one too.

Go ahead, be late to the party

If you aren’t afraid of giving late gifts, like say January for example, (hey some cultures extend the holidays until January 6) you can make IOU cards for your family and friends, then wait until after Christmas to buy clearance items. You can find some amazing deals and get more bang for your buck.

Natashia Nunez also writes as Dear Bumblebee.

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