Along Comes Night

by Kirk McConnell


Black pavement. 

White lines. 

Blue lines. 

A curb- the sounds of cars rushing in the background. Cracks on the black. 

Cracks on the white. 

Cracks on blue. 

A lonely penny – the sound of a distant train tooting it’s horn. 

Orange cones.

yellow tractors.

Green trees-and a plane flying by overhead. 

The sun will soon set 

And all will be dark, 

And the mountains are fading as day says goodbye-I feel the wind against my neck. 

Pale orange cream sky blends into blue,

as evening approaches it will be a deeper hue-no sirens blaring yet. 

Yellow bus. 

Yellow van-

Colors I think of when there is light. 

All colors will be gone in moments.

Soon it will be night.

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