Fighting the Pandemic: Food Banks and Pantries

Are you needing help finding food during this Corona pandemic?

This Easter and Passover season, we have been floored by news reports of miles-long lines of cars waiting patiently at food give-aways.  Thousands of cars waited outside the Forum in Inglewood and in Anaheim, hundreds lined up outside the Honda Center.  Across the country, from San Antonio to the Bowery in New York, we saw heartbreaking stories that told us of the toll massive unemployment has taken, with some 40% of lower income families losing their paychecks.  We need help finding food during this Corona pandemic.  

In our area, there are three regional food banks that post maps to help find  nearby food pantries.  (“Food pantry” is the term used for places where groceries are given to those who need food.)    Here are the links:

Los Angeles Regional Food Bank:     

Feeding America Riverside/San Bernardino: 

Second Harvest Food Bank, Orange County:

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