From Kirk’s Kitchen: A Plant Based Lunch

Lunch was kind of an experiment.  I have been wanting to eat less meat but not necessarily become vegan, because that is a difficult change.  So I combined spinach with onions, garlic,sun-dried tomato, ginger, yellow squash, sliced dates bacon, grated cremé fresh cheese and crumbled Monterey Jack cheese. Drizzled with a little olive oil and lime juice.

If you don’t want to use bacon you could use Seitan or SoyRizo.
I just like bacon fat.
Place the items in a muffing tin and bake in a
450° oven for 25 minutes.
 I have been exploring a plant-based diet because of the health benefits, and because eating less meat is better for you. I have been thinking a lot about my well-being and wanting to have longevity. And as my grandmother got older she stopped eating a lot of meat. I didn’t see her eat too much meat as she got older especially into her 90s. Having grown up eating ham, roast beef, chicken, turkey and other meat, I still appreciate those foods.   We never let anything go to waste. But I also have learned to get away from processed foods, like hotdogs, hamburgers, and other fast foods.  Transitioning from a junk food lifestyle to a healthier lifestyle can save you in the long run.
Lunch was tasty and filling!


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