Yoda and Friends: Ink! All I Want is to Draw and Be Happy

Art and poetry by Kirk McConnell

Ink!  All I want is to draw and be happy

I am being positive. I’m trying to see where being creative takes me on this journey. Last year I wrote something about not drawing nearly enough.  Now my energy has been more or less dedicated to drawing and painting.

I pretty much spent all day inking this picture. There are some areas on the drawing which I feel could be better. Until I can get better permanent ink pens, I’ll just say better materials equal better designs. But I am happy with this. It was cathartic. It’s a culmination of all the different things that go through my head. If you turn it on its side you can see the word Jesus spelled out and the word genesis spelled out. My name is on the drawing at least four times. I just had a lot of fun making this. So, I hope you enjoy it too.

From a series, “Wild Thoughts.”

The Art of Kirk A. McConnell on facebook.

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