Dog Days of Summer: National Work Like a Dog Day

It’s August of the warmest summer in recent memory.  Sometimes just walking to the car in a sunny lot is heavy work.

So we recommend a little celebration to take our  minds off the summer doldrums:

It’s National Work Like A Dog Day!  Yes, August 5 is the day to celebrate either— 1) your dog who works hard at his dog’s life (unless of course the dog is truly a working dog) or 2) yourself.

The origin of Work Like a Dog Day remains a mystery, but it may go as far back as celebrating the sheep dogs who helped keep the flocks in line over the centuries.  Now, of course, dogs do so much more than herd domesticated animals.  There are guide dogs, guard dogs, police dogs, military dogs, drug sniffing dogs,  health alert dogs, sled dogs, companion dogs and even emotional support dogs.

Thanks to a website that lists some 1500 National Day celebrations  from National Underwear Day to National Charity Day, we can now take time to celebrate our pups!  (Even if all they do is keep us happy with their cheerful companionship!)

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