Wine Tasting in Temecula A First Timers Guide

When our friends suggested we celebrate a trio birthday in Temecula in two weeks we quickly agreed. Just a week ago we had our first Old Town experience and loved it. The food was great and the drinks were phenomenal. This time our plan was to go wine tasting at the local wineries. 

We booked a room at The Signature, and planned our day out. The girls that I went on this trip with had been there multiple times before and are members at the two wineries we visited, which was such a great benefit for our trip planning process. 

Somerset Winery

37338 De Portola Rd, Temecula, CA 92592


We started off our day at this winery and spent most of our time in the members seating area. We started off with a tasting, I tasted the Fizzy Bunnies Rose Sparkling Wine and Ryan tasted the Drunk Bunnies Symphony. Both were fantastic but and ended up buying a bottle of each. 

My friend wanted me to have the full tasting experience so she gave me a flight of tastings and I was able to taste 5 wines. My favorites were still the Symphony and the  Drunk Bunny Rose.

We spent the afternoon  celebrating our friends’ birthdays. They have live music, sangria, merchants, food vendors and plenty of space to enjoy a chill afternoon with friends or family. 

Oak Mountain Winery

36522 Vía Verde, Temecula, CA 92592


We started off with tastings around 3:00 PM at this winery and quickly befriended our bartender. He was such a delight and was quick to fill our tastings. 

I was able to taste all the white wines, since I was sticking with white throughout the night. My favorite at this location was the Mountain White Merlot, my friend gifted me a bottle from her order. Yay!

The main event at this winery was the beautiful and delicious restaurant, Cave Cafe. 

We started off with appetizers including the Cheese Pull-Apart Bread and the Chimichurri Fries, both were great but the fries took the cake, they were packed with flavor. We continued to drink and then our orders came out. I had the Cubano Panini with the Asparagus Soup, I now need to recreate that soup, it was delectable. Ryan ordered the Cajun Shrimp and Spanish Chorizo Pasta and that had a great kick to it. 

We took pictures by the vineyard and headed out to The Signature. 


The Signature

28980 Old Town Front St, Temecula, CA 92590

This place was alright in a pinch, it was the most cost efficient place that was still available and close by. It was right near a taco stand that I wish we would have tried. 

Old Town Temecula

The last stop was Old Town and at this point I was exhausted. We had a beer at Stone Church Brewing and ran into a cute dog Princess. We ended up ending the nigh at Be Good with more drinks and food. Including the best Reverse Steak Quesadilla. 

My recommendation is to spend most of your day at the wineries and skip bar hopping in Old Town. if you’re doing a two day trip, spend the second day exploring Old Town instead of trying to fit everything into one day. 


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