Photographers Field Notes: Thankful for Tiny Critters

story and photography by Kirk McConnell

Living life in the slow lane means nothing happens quickly, and it forces you to have patience, and a greater appreciation for the things that surround you, or those things you might otherwise miss when you pass by.


I was waiting at my bus stop by Mi Ranchito, and I had this little Japanese beetle land on my hand. He must’ve just rested there for a few minutes and then he flew off. But it was kind of cool to see it up close.



I’m seeing all sorts of little critters that I love to take pictures of. It brings me a little bit of happiness each day.  The tiny tree beetle is sitting on my hand.

Even the bees were busy.


I’m not quite certain what I’m going to photograph during the Thanksgiving season but maybe things that have to do with gratitude. But I’ll still continue to take pictures of all my little critters.


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