30 Minute Value Meals: Gazpacho de Morelia

Tonight, I learned something new. I watched a program on KLCS3 called, The Mexican Table (also known as @create.)  It focuses on traditional Mexican dishes, mostly comfort foods. Tonight I tried to make Gazpacho de Morelia.

It was a variation on it because I didn’t have everything that it asked for. What I did have was:

Yellow Mango
Finely sliced white onion

To these I added the following:

Two baby carrots cut in really fine pieces
One radish, also cut up fine
Two oranges squeezed
Quarter cup of Rose wine
One Tablespoon of honey
Half tablespoon of grated cotija cheese
Cayenne pepper

The recipe called for lime juice, but I didn’t have any so I substituted the rose wine.

It was quite good.   I ate a small portion and rerigerated the rest for a snack the next day.  All of this took under 20 minutes to prepare.

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