4 Cooking Channels That Will Get You Through Quarantine Cooking

It’s 7:10 AM and I’ve already snoozed my 6:30 AM, 6:45 AM and 7:00 AM alarm. I finally wake up, brush my teeth and change into my comfy work clothes. I head downstairs and think about breakfast. Do I want my usual 3 eggs and 3 sausage or do I want avocado toast? My avocado isn’t ripe enough, 3 eggs it is! 

Breakfast is usually the easiest meal to plan, it’s lunch and dinner that usually leave me being repetitive or boring during these times. It’s sad that even someone like me that loves to cook is starting to feel overwhelmed and jaded with meal planning. 

Not being able to go to the grocery store everyday to get ingredients has been a challenge for me. I used to love meal planning but also loved being able to spontaneously go to the store and walk the isles to get some inspiration. Those days are on a temporary hold.

So here I am at 7:30 AM in the kitchen now deciding what the rest of the day is going to look like in terms of food. I take out a chicken breast and then start thinking for the rest of the day how I am going to cook it. 

I usually look for recipes online but lately a lot of channels are incorporating either quarantine meal ideas or simple low ingredient meals. I have highlighted a few that have helped me become less boring and have really inspired me to try new things. 

Sam The Cooking Guy – 

I’ve been following Sam The Cooking Guy for a few years now for his very laxed way of cooking. Watching Sam feels like you are over at his place and he is about to cook you one of his creations.

Sam is located in San Diego and he often cooks outdoors in his amazing outdoor kitchen, he ranges from doing copy cats from fast food places to your favorite munchie meals. 

The great thing about Sam is that he cooks with ingredients that you might already have available or they are completely accessible.

Recently he created a series called Quarantine/Lockdown meals that include different ways to cook with eggs, potatoes and pasta. 

School of Wok –

My husband recommended this channel after he found it when he was trying to find a recipe for fried rice.

Jeremy focuses on highlighting Asian cuisine and makes it simple enough for anyone to want to try it. He has a simple set up and uses very minimal ingredients but comes up with the most delicious meals. 

He also teaches you basics in the kitchen like how to cut vegetables and how to care for your wok. 

Mythical Kitchen 

So this channel is fairly new and it already has over 1 million subscribers. They can give most the credit to the dads of YouTube, Rhett & Link. 

Mythical Kitchen started as a channel to showcase the food that was being made on Good Mythical Morning, which is not really food you would normally eat for your meals. 

They began making other types of content like food mashups, food fears and once the quarantine hit, a lot of easy recipes to make with food that you already have at home in your pantry. 

Tasty & Tasty Recipes

Oh Tasty! How I love the simple videos that Tasty makes. My husband and I used to watch video after video on Best Party Foods, or 5 Dishes to Make With Onion.

Lately they have really been stepping their game up with 3 Ingredient Meals or my personal recent favorite Breakfasts Worth Getting Out of Bed For. 

Their second channel has series like Make It Fancy where they take a regular ingredient like Kraft Mac & Cheese and they make it fancy. 

I personally like their Tasty Recipes account better due to it being quick and easy to watch and learn. 

Whatever it is you watch for inspiration, make sure that when you cook you are having fun. 

Let me know your favorite people to watch for your meal inspirations,

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